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Handmade in Nashville, TN


Southern Apothecary is hand crafted, in small batches, using all natural ingredients. Every product is designed for EVERY person.

rom spray spring



Spring Room Spray was created to capture the scent reminiscent of the feeling of spring. Awaken your senses and refresh any room with a mixture of citrus essential oils.  



Ditch the chemicals and say hello to our oh-so-effective Bug Spray. Bug season can make the outdoors absolutely unbearable. We created a bug spray so effective that it stands up to all of the South's most aggressive pesks all season long. Spray on exposed skin and clothing to enjoy the outdoors without the critters and without slathering your body in harmful chemicals. 


After Sun Spray

After spending an hour or an entire day in the sun, give your body some much needed relief with our cooling After Sun Spray. Our After Sun Spray is loaded up with ingredients designed to help with burns and itching. For best results we recommend storing in the refrigerator before use. 



We believe you should be able to easily identify what products you are putting on your body.  That's why we only use the best, natural, and most basic ingredients possible.  After all, it's your body, and you only get one of them, so make sure you take the best care possible. 
We also believe nobody should be injured or subject to inhumane testing.  Our products are all natural, and are made for humans, which is why we never test them on animals.